Sample Prussian T3 Steam Loco in SCARM

This publication contains the SCARM project file (in the links below) and a small set of 3D images, showing the steps in the drawing of the Prussian T3 steam switcher, which was designed to demonstrate the new cylinder figures in v. 0.9.25.

The project of the loco starts from bottom to the top in HO scale (1/87). Here I will describe the steps in which I prepared the whole design together with some tips that may be useful for fast and easy drawing of other rolling stock in SCARM.

The first designed part is a single wheelset, which consists from several cylinders, arranged and stacked together.

The dark cylinders represent the wheelset itself, while the silver cylinders are intended to represent the shine metal that is in contact with the rails. The dimensions are set so the “shine” cylinders to overlap the “dark” wheelset just a little and to be clearly visible.

When you need to represent some black figure, i.e. black parts in a steam loco, do not use pure black color from the color palette dialog box. Instead, use some dark shade of the gray color, because pure black cannot vary in nuance in the 3D Viewer and will make the figures to look as black holes.

When ready, all this is grouped as a single figure and then copied and pasted twice for the total of 3 wheelsets.

After that, the frame, the rods and the steam cylinders are taking place. The connecting rod between the cylinder and the middle wheelset is drawn by use of several small rectangles (boxes) with different 3D vertical positions for simulation of its sloped position.

Now it is time the base and the front lights to be added to the drawing.

After that, the boiler with most of the details and the front bumpers were drawn.

Finally, the cab with the firebox and the small water tank were added together with the rear bumpers and the details like the small doors and the ladder steps below them.

Most details are identical. In example, the first bumper was drawn by use of several cylinders, then grouped, copied and pasted and firmly arranged in the drawing to form the front pair of bumpers.

To make precise arrangements of figures or grouped items like bumpers, you can use dummy rectangles in the 2D drawing and then use “Tools” > “Align” menu command to arrange the selected figures according to the dummy rectangle’s sides. Delete the dummy rectangle when the align is ready.

The back pair of bumpers is a pasted copy of the front pair, moved and rotated at 180 degrees.

Click on the link with the project file below and see the loco in the 3D viewer of SCARM on your own PC. Ungroup it to see all parts and details in the 2D editor of SCARM.

The loco project file

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