Superquick A-10 Train Station Building in OO scale

This is one nice virtual model of Superquick A-10 railway station in OO scale (1:76), created with the figures in SCARM and sent to me by Clive Poole. Check the real kit from the links below and download the SCARM project file to use the station in your layouts.

See the gallery below and click on the 3D images to see the building in more details.

Here is what Clive is saying about this virtual building in SCARM.

The model footprint is accurate with the rest being completed from photographs as I am yet to purchase the building. I have also completed the model in modular form so that it may be arranged as a terminus station or a through station just like the card kit. Being familiar with SolidWorks in my work I did find this time consuming but ultimately satisfying. Thank you so much for the software, track laying would be very hard to beat.

To rearrange the station, just select and rotate the side modules. Then group the whole object and move and rotate it (if needed) to the desired position. The station kit can be used in HO as well, because of the slight scale factor difference.

Thank you, Clive, for sharing your virtual SCARM buildings with all other model train fans and SCARM users :)

Featured station (217 KB)

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