Tutorial Videos in 3 Different Languages

See 3 tutorial videos recorded by SCARM users and narrated in English, Italian and Portugal languages below. They are describing the functionality of the program from user point of view together with reviewing of ready layouts and instructions of how to build a simple or more complex track plans.

You can switch to full-screen mode by clicking on bottom right icon in the embedded players.

Video #1 in English (the information about SCARM starts at 6:00s)

Video #2 in Italian

Video #3 in Portugal

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2 thoughts on “Tutorial Videos in 3 Different Languages

  1. Hallo
    please excuse my very bad english,but i have a big promlem.
    I want the ” scarm anlage burgdorf ” put in my scarm programm.
    But i found no way to do it.
    If it is possibel that to do it was very nice u can show me the way
    to do it.
    I buy the licence at 19.mar 2021.
    with best regards
    Bernd polly

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