Various New SCARM Objects and Rolling Stock in N gauge

Here I will present several objects and trains in N scale, created or redesigned in SCARM and sent to me by Tony Relos. Download all these items form the links section below and use them in your own SCARM layouts.

1. Liqueur factory “Anis del Mono”

The factory consists of two identical buildings and smaller storage building grouped in a single object.

Liqueur Factory “Anis del Mono” in SCARM

2. Pedestrian bridge

The bridge allows passing over the tracks in station areas. The middle section can be edited and reshaped in order to make the bridge longer or shorter.

Pedestrian bridge in SCARM

3. Catenary

The project has different catenary (overhead) elements such as poles and wires which can be used on a flat designs (without slopes).

Catenary elements in SCARM

4. Livestock train

The train consists of a loco and several cars for livestock in two types (two colors).

Livestock train in SCARM

5. Freight train

The train consists of a 318-series locomotive and several cars of two types – platforms and oil tanks.

Freight train in SCARM

Thank you, Tony, for sharing your N-scale objects and rolling stock with other SCARM users and model train fans :)

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3 thoughts on “Various New SCARM Objects and Rolling Stock in N gauge

  1. Hi,
    Excellent pedestrian bridge (footbridge here in the UK) which I have modified to suit my layout. Thank you.
    Grateful for your help. Can you please tell me how you found the sphere for the head of your excellent people. I have designed some other people but I cannot find a sphere!
    Regards Mike

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