Various Tanks & Water Towers in HO Scale

Here are presented several virtual tanks and water towers in HO scale (1/87), created in SCARM and sent to me by Joe Walsh. You can download the SCARM project file with these items from the links below and use them in your own track plans.

Below is shown an overview of the figures and objects in the sample project – click over the pictures to enlarge:

Here is what Joe says about these items:

I reverse-engineered the cone shape about a year and-a-half ago and created these structures using cones, spheres, and multi-sided polygons for the vertical cylinders. Each structure is completely written in code; nothing is hand-drawn. By doing so, it makes fine adjustments quicker and easier. Labeling indicates which kit the structure is from, all are drawn in HO-scale. I hope these inspire others to build upon and improve them (some are still missing details) or use them in other structures to be shared here on the blog. Enjoy!

Thank you, Joe, for sharing your virtual SCARM tanks with all other model train fans and SCARM users :)

Featured objects
various_tanks.scarm (184 KB)

5 thoughts on “Various Tanks & Water Towers in HO Scale

  1. Just curious if anyone has a cylindrical hopper car, used by ADM, rice, grains? I see no examples of any, asking if anyone tried making one. Thanks

  2. Thank you Joe for tank objects You mention development via code…are you using some CAD software? I am hoping to have time to SCARM model some German Buildings produced by firms such as Kibri and Faller. That would be a difficult task with manual mouse moves…I have not found nudge key strokes in SCARM.

  3. Hi Joe,
    Grateful to know how you produced the sphere. It is not among the figures.
    Regards Mike

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