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How to download virtual locomotives and wagons?

Locomotives and wagons for using in the Model Trains Simulator can be downloaded from the online database with Virtual Rolling Stock. Access for downloading and installing of the available virtual models is granted only to the users, who already have purchased and activated the Model Trains Simulator – Power Edition.

Model Trains Simulator – Power Edition (paid)

1. Start SCARM and run Model Trains Simulator by use of “Extensions” > “Model Trains Simulator” menu command.

2. If there are no rolling stock libraries installed, the program will show you a message, prompting to download virtual locomotives and wagons with a link to the Virtual Rolling Stock database. If there are already rolling stock libraries installed, you can click on the same link that always stays on top of the rolling stock selection panel.

3. After clicking on the link, SCARM will open your default browser and you may be prompted to enter your user name and password for your SCARM account.

Забележка Do not copy/paste the web address in a different browser as this will start new session and important required data will be lost.

4. The browser will show the home page of the database with various virtual models of locomotives and cars for the simulator.

5. Click on the title or picture of the piece of rolling stock you want to download and install – a page with details for that model will open.

6. Scroll down and at the bottom of the page you will see a Download section.

7. Click on the link next to "File” label in order to download the library for the selected model.

8. When your browser asks you, open the downloaded file - the SCARM Modules Manager will process it and confirm that the library has been successfully installed.

9. Repeat steps from 5 to 8 for every piece of rolling stock that you want to use in the simulator.

10. When done, restart the simulator, click on the rolling stock library selector (at the top in the left panel), select the required library and you will see your new rolling stock available to use.

Забележка In order to download and install the rolling stock libraries, you must open the Virtual Rolling Stock database using the links within SCARM, you must have purchased and activated MTS Power Edition, your default browser must have JavaScript enabled and must accept session cookies.

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