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ホームオンラインヘルプ & よくある質問とその答えPrinting of the Track plan and Parts list

How to print designed layout?

Printing with SCARM is easy – see the possible ways below.

If you wish to print the whole layout, just press "Print" button from the toolbar – the program will automatically fit the track route onto the page and will print it on the default printer.

If you want to see the page with your railroad layout before printing, press "Print Preview" button from the toolbar – this will activate Print Preview mode.

If you wish to print given part from the track route, make sure that Print Preview mode is active ("View" > "Show as Print Preview" must be checked), move and/or resize the drawing to get desired layout part into view and then press "Print" button - SCARM will print the page exactly as it is viewed on the screen. Remember that you can edit your project and make all other things no matter whether you are working in normal mode or in Print Preview mode.

If you make changes while working in Print Preview mode, so layout orientation is no longer optimal, toggle off and then on again "View" > "Show as Print Preview" – SCARM will set the page orientation according to current layout orientation. Press "Fit to Page" button from the toolbar if you wish to fit the layout on the page. Actually, switching off and on the "Print Preview" button does the same thing for you.

If you wish precise control over the printing process, select "File" > "Print" and set desired options in the print dialog box.

備考 If the layout has a baseboard and there are tracks outside baseboard contours, those tracks will not be taken into account when SCARM calculates layout position and size in the printable area.


Print Whole Layout in 1:1 Scale


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