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How to create houses and buildings?

It is easy – you just need to know the necessary height, according to number of the floors. In the example below, a small single-floor house will be created.

Enable figures in selection panel (last position in libraries list menu). Select "Rectangle" and draw the house body. Enter the height of the figure in the Properties window, according to your modelling scale. You can use the following approx. values:

Real floor heightScaleFormulaScaled floor height
3m = 3000 mm
10ft = 120"

Use one of the values above which is in your preferred measu­re­ment system
G (1:22.5)3000 / 22.5
120" / 22.5
133.33 mm
I (1:32)3000 / 32
120" / 32
93.75 mm
O (1:48)3000 / 48
120" / 48
62.5 mm
OO (1:76)3000 / 76
120" / 76
39.47 mm
HO (1:87)3000 / 87
120" / 87
34.5 mm
TT (1:120)3000 / 120
120" / 120
25 mm
N (1:160)3000 / 160
120" / 160
18.75 mm
Z (1:220)3000 / 220
120" / 220
13.64 mm

If the model building has bigger floor height or if your scale is not listed in the table, you can calculate the needed scaled height by the formula Real height / Scale. After height calculation, enter it, set remaining fields in the Properties window (if needed) and close the window. Select the rectangle (by clicking with mouse over it) and select "Roof" figure button from selection panel. Select the roof type and your first building created in SCARM is ready.

A small house with hipped roof

In order to get more realistic 3D look, your house needs a door and windows. To create them, first remove the roof (by selecting the roof figure and deleting it). You can zoom the drawing in order to work more easy and precise (by using of "View" > "Scale" menu). Now add new rectangle figure over the bottom line of main rectangle, near left corner. Enter Height to be 3/4 from the scaled floor height and brown color in the Properties window, because this will be the door of the house. Width (horizontal on the plot) must be as width of the door in the current railway scale, but depth (vertical on the plot) must be minimal. The new rectangle (door) must be located little outside of the main rectangle (house), otherwise the door will be invisible in 3D viewing mode. Your figure on screen will be looking more or less like that:

Now create new rectangle at the right, next to the door rectangle and set Vertical position to be 1/2 from scaled floor height and Height to be 1/3 from scaled floor height. The color can be deep blue or black – this will be the first window. Don’t forget that window rectangle must be over main rectangle bottom line and little outside it (like door). Your figure on screen will be looking more or less like that:

Add a second window by the same way, but now locate it vertically over the right side of main rectangle. Set the same properties to it like the first window. Select the main rectangle and add roof again. Now the house in 3D viewing mode will look like the following picture:

You can create multi-floor buildings by copy-paste of the window rectangles in the base floor and altering the Vertical position for the selection, increasing it with one scaled floor height. You can do that with all window rectangles several times to achieve all needed floors. Don’t forget to increase the height of the building too, otherwise your windows will be "flying" over the building in the 3D viewing mode. You can create building or train station with many wings by using of several rectangles for each wing. After completion of the complex building with all doors, windows and roof, select all parts with selection rectangle and group them in a single object using "Objects" > "Group" menu. Now you will be able to work more easy and comfortable with the building on the drawing plot and to position and rotate it at desired place. See some buildings and other stuff, created in this way with SCARM in the pictures below:

House with two floors and loft

Administrative building with parking

Train station with restaurant

Train station with control and storage rooms

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