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How to place railway signals?

Railway signals in SCARM are predefined objects in special object libraries, which can be selected like normal track libraries from library selection menu. The signals can exist in the library of specific manufacturer (in fixed scale) or can be universal (generic). Generic signals are useful in definition of your layout signaling when the real model signals are not available in the dedicated manufacturer’s library or when the real signals will be hand-made from you or other railway enthusiast.

To start with signals, first select desired object library from library list – the object libraries are located in the submenu, named "Objects" (last but one item in the libraries menu). Zoom in to the area, where you wish to place the signal. Select the needed signal from the selection panel – the signal will appear in the centre of the screen. If the library is generic, the signal will be scaled to the scale of the last used track library. Select the object on screen with the mouse and then use "Edit" > "Rotate" from the menu in order to turn the signal at desired direction along the track. Hold Ctrl and move the object with mouse at desired position. When ready, you can see how the signal will look on the layout by clicking "3D" button from the toolbar.

Note Only few base signals of some railway administrations and railroads in Europe and North America are available at the moment. More signal libraries will come soon.


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