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How to work with layers?

The layers are intended to help you when designing complex layouts which contains many overlapping details such as tracks and objects on several levels. SCARM allows using unlimited number* of layers on which you can assign the different track levels or details, like scenery items, roadway network, signalling, wiring, etc.

To show the layers control panel, select “View” > “Layers” from the main menu – the Layers window will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The selected layer (marked in blue) is the currently active layer. All newly placed or pasted tracks and objects will be assigned to the active layer. To make another layer active, just select it by clicking over its name in the Layers window. To rename a layer, select it and then click again over its name to make it editable.

To show or hide a given layer (and all associated tracks and objects in the track plan), just toggle the layer's check box. You cannot hide the currently active layer.

To select all the tracks and objects in the plan that are assigned to a given layer, just double click over its name. To move the selection to another layer, use “Cut” command, select the desired layer to make it active and then use “Paste” command or just use “Transfer to Layer” command from the context menu.

To add a new layer, click on the button [+] in the Layers window.* To delete a layer, select it and click on the button [-] in the Layers window.* To rearrange the layers in the list, use the small arrow buttons in order to move the active layer up or down.*

The layers that contains tracks and/or objects are marked with a small grey dot between the check box and the name. The empty layers does not have such mark.

Click over the Layers panel header bar to make visible all layers that contains tracks and/or objects. Click once again to hide all layers except the active one.

By default, all layers are always visible in the 3D Viewer, regardless of the visibility settings in the Layers window. If you want to apply the layers visibility also in 3D viewing mode, go to “Tools” > “Settings” > “3D view” > “Layers” and enable “Apply visibility in 3D” option.

* Only in the licensed version

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