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How to make snips from regular tracks?

If you need to make a custom length piece from regular straight or curve, select the desired track, right click over it on the place where you want to cut it and use “Snip off” command from the context menu. The track will be split on two custom pieces and each will be marked with a scissors symbol in the track label.

In this way, you can fill a gaps in the route, using sectional straight tracks in systems where flex tracks does not exists (i.e. in track systems with ballast roadbed preinstalled). Just place some longer piece on the one side and snip it off at the other side of the gap – the join will be automatically obtained. Remove the other unnecessary part of the snipped track by selecting and then deleting it.

Only plain straight and curved tracks can be snipped off. Special and functional tracks (i.e. rerailers, uncouplers, sensors, etc.) cannot be snipped.

Note Each cutting is counted as a whole single track in the Parts list.


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