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2D View

This page contains options for controlling the view and behavior of the 2D editor.

Tracks – Controls how the tracks are drawn in the 2D editor

Rails – shows the rails.

Sleepers – shows the sleepers (ties).

Centers – shows the track center lines.

Outlines – shows the track borders along the sleepers (ties).

Separators – shows separators in the track ends.

Accessories – shows permanent or attachable track components (i.e. turnout switching motors).

Labels – shows label on each track.

Font – specifies the font for the track labels.

Name – the labels shows track names.

Number – the labels shows track part numbers.

Slope – the labels shows track gradients.

Plot – Options regarding controls and grid on the drawing plot in the 2D editor

Rulers – shows the vertical and horizontal rulers.

Grid – shows the grid.

Dots – grid drawn with small dots.

Lines – grid drawn with solid lines.

Scroll buttons – shows scroll buttons for vertical and horizontal movement of the drawing plot.

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