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How to work with flex-tracks?

Flex-tracks has maximum length and minimum radius of curve by default. You can modelling your flex route with many straight and curved sections within, but single flex-track cannot be longer than max length and cannot be curved more than min curve radius. If you want to build longer flexible route, use Spacebar to add new flex-track, after finishing with modelling of the last one.

Laying and shaping

Select the flex-track from left panel - a straight grey rail will appear on the plot with max possible length. Use mouse to form a curvature and length of the first section - it will be drawn in black and the remaining part will be drawn in grey. Click left mouse button to fix the section and to continue with remaining part. Click right mouse button to fix the section and to "cut" the remaining part. If you does not like the last fixed section, you can delete it using Backspace key. If you want to cancel the modelling, press Esc.

Flex rail - modelling

For precise shaping with parameters like length or radius and angle of the flex-sections, see the "Flex-tracks modelling" function in the Toolbox.

Manual connecting

If you want to connect the flex-track to other track in the layout, point the grey remaining part in the direction of that track endpoint, so both tracks to overlap each other - when directions became identical, the arrow of the flex-track will be colored in green - click left mouse button to connect the tracks.

Flex rail - connecting

Automatic joining

Another, easier way for connecting of the flex-track to the other part of the track plan is to move the end of the last flex-section (in black color) directly over the end point (grey arrow) of the track where you want to obtain a join. If possible, the flex-track will be auto shaped with largest possible radius and a black dot will appear over the green connecting arrow (the dot is not visible when Track Heights are shown). Click with left mouse button to make the connection.

Flex rail - point-to-join with auto shaping


If you want to edit and re-shape already placed flex-track, select it first, then right click over it near the end which you want to change and select “Reshape” from the context menu. That will place the selected flex-track in edit mode and you can shape it again as described above. If the track contains several sections, you can delete the last (currently edited) section, by pressing of Backspace key. If you want to cancel editing, press Esc.


If you want to split already placed flex-track on two pieces, select it first, then right click over the place where you want to split and select “Split” from the context menu.

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