SCARM Video Tutorials – Part 1 – Create a Model Railway Layout

This is the first tutorial movie of a series of videos about working with SCARM, created and narrated by Ruud Boer.

You can switch to full-screen mode by clicking on bottom right icon in the embedded player.

Thank you, Ruud, for creating and sharing this SCARM video tutorial :)

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14 thoughts on “SCARM Video Tutorials – Part 1 – Create a Model Railway Layout

  1. You’re welcome Milen.
    In the mean time in this series 8 tutorials are available on youtube.
    A search for ‘scarm tutorial’ should bring them all up.

  2. I hate to be ignorant, but I am using this for the first time. How do I start the first tutorial? I am using Windows 8.1; is that my problem?

    Barry Pearlman
    Chesterfield, Missouri USA

  3. Hello Barry,

    To start the tutorial movie, just click on it – it is a YouTube clip and you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

    To start SCARM, download and install it and then run it – you can do that as s last step in the installer.

  4. Hi, I never had problems running your tutorials on my computer and now it says I need a plugin to run the video. Can you tell me what plugin I need?

    Thank You


  5. I keep trying to create a base board, but when ive drawn the complete shape and am back at the starting point, it wont “finish”. ln the tutorial there is a “done” button but once i starte editing baseboard, the option to choose a toolbox is gone.

  6. You can use either mouse or Toolbox to create a baseboard contour, but not together.
    To finish the baseboard, when creating it with the mouse, use the right mouse button to place the last point and close the contour.

  7. thank you for making this, I will uses this for de Duplo train to make the trackes first with this software and then build it for the kids. love you.

  8. Hello Gentlemen,
    Ok been using SCARM for over 2 months and was going to try AnyRail.
    I did and guess what? I really do like SCARM.
    However I purchased the Atlas Layout version from Atlas and frankly I feel it is stripped down?
    No other HO track manufactures eh.
    Have my new computer and want to download SCARM to get everything.
    Also can someone explain to me as to how to construct a large base layout that is made up of multiple Maine Benchwork 30 x 30 modules?
    Trying to be accurate.
    Also the SCARM contact email shows
    is that correct? doesn’t look right

  9. Hello Keith,
    Atlas Track Planning Software is for Atlas’ tracks only. Yes, it is based on SCARM, but is completely different software, with different licensing scheme. Note that the activation code for ATPS does not work for SCARM like SCARM license key does not work for ATPS.
    SCARM does not support true modular layouts, but if the setup will be permanent and the modules will not be exchanged, see some tips here: Creating Layout of Several Modules in SCARM
    The SCARM e-mail is correct, but it it better to be typed with small caps, like otherwise SPAM filters can catch on it.

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