SCARM Video Tutorials – Part 7 – Use Flex Rail to Close a Gap

This is the tutorial movie #7 of a series of videos about working with SCARM, created and narrated by Ruud Boer.

You can switch to full-screen mode by clicking on bottom right icon in the embedded player.

And again, thanks to Ruud, for creating these SCARM video tutorial series :)

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2 thoughts on “SCARM Video Tutorials – Part 7 – Use Flex Rail to Close a Gap

  1. Hi. I’ve used flex track quite extensively, but there are times when it will not connect, even though there is quite a distance between the points I want connecting. Instead of the usual green colour I get a blue colour when trying to connect. I haven’t seen any mention of this colour in the help files. Please could you explain why I get this colour.

  2. Hello Christopher,
    The blue arrow means that the tracks will match, but there will be no join obtained because the tracks are on different levels (with different endpoint heights). Once you get a blue arrow, click as usual with the mouse and then adjust the heights – when both heights are the same, the join will be obtained automatically.

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