The Roads in SCARM – Part 3 – Advanced Crossings & Junctions

This is the third tutorial in the blog about how to use the new feature for laying roads, intro­duced in SCARM v. 0.9.24. The article will give you more details about the special IS approaches and Crosswalk road pieces.

There are two straight intersection approaches in the roads library – “IS approach (road)” and “IS approach (avenue)”. The first is used for standard junctions on roads and streets while the second is intended for wider boulevards with two lanes in each direction (avenues). Both sections are used for simple and easy creating of the road surface markings in the intersection approaching areas. You can adjust the type of center and lane separator lines, stop lines and all surface arrows for left or right driving style, according to your country.

Lets see one example for assembling of a T-junction for right driving, with intersection approaches and road surface markings.

T-junction with IS approach sections and road surface markings

If you want to rotate IS Adapter or IS Approach piece, you will need first to place it on the plot and then to move and attach it to the desired road section.
You can also just drag-and-drop these pieces form the button to the drawing plot with the mouse and attach them as you wish.

You can make also T-junction between boulevard and road. The road has “IS approach (road)” sections while the boulevard needs “IS approach (avenue)”. Note that the boule­vard is connected to the two crossing adapters via special transition part, which is called “Avenue <-> 2x Road”.

T-junction of road and boulevard with IS approaches
and road surface markings

If you want to place the special “Avenue <-> 2x Road” from the other end, you can drag-and-drop it from the button to the drawing plot with the mouse and attach it to the end you wish.

In this way, you can make almost any crossing between roads and avenues with the appropriate road surface markings. However, if you want your intersections in SCARM to be safe for pedestrians, you may also add pedestrian crossings by using the special “Crosswalk” road piece. It can be set to one of the following four styles.

The four styles of pedestrian crossing in SCARM

When combining all these pieces, you can get a really impressive intersections like the one below with just a few mouse clicks.

A junction of street and avenue with all surface markings

The next tutorial will show you how to create custom crossings and intersections in SCARM.

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2 thoughts on “The Roads in SCARM – Part 3 – Advanced Crossings & Junctions

  1. Hi Milen,
    Could you please inform if an Roundabout Road intersection (crossing and junctions) is available as part of roads library, Any on line roads intersection available for download and use in SCARM?
    Also, is it possible to create my customized roundabout or four ways intersection?
    Please advice,

  2. Hello Ray,

    The Roundabout is an optional road surface marking for the Intersection item in the Roads library in SCARM. You can use it instantly as described in the previous article about the roads in SCARM. In the next article is shown custom-created bigger roundabout that you can create from the standard flex road sections. Note that you cannot create such custom roundabout from a single flex path – you should always use at least two sections curved at 180 degrees each. There are also other customized intersections in the examples and you can create also your own.

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