Marx O27 Track Library For SCARM

Here is published the preliminary library with the Marx O27 tracks for use in SCARM. These tracks are discontinued, but there are many of them still in use. As the dimensions for that library are acquired from different sources with the help of several OGR Forum members, the library should be tested prior adding to the SCARM package.

To use the library, download the ZIP file from the links below, then unzip it and copy the .lib file into Lib folder of SCARM where all other track libraries are located.

Depending of Windows version, default installation folder for SCARM may be “C:\Program Files\SCARM” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\SCARM”.

Now run SCARM and search for “Marx” item in libraries list – the new library “Marx-O27″ should be there. Select it, make some track plan in SCARM and then try to assemble it will real track pieces.

This Marx library in SCARM is for evaluation and test purposes only. There may be errors or inaccuracies, so do not use it for planning for now.

Please note, that the track dimensions in the library are approximated with up to 1.5 millimeters in order the tracks to join without problems within default tolerance of 2mm in SCARM. If you find some mistakes in the tracks and/or their dimensions, post a comment below. If you see that everything with your real pieces matches and fits as in the program, post a comment too. When the library is completed and fully tested, it will be added to SCARM installation package.

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2 thoughts on “Marx O27 Track Library For SCARM

  1. Is there any consideration for adding the large radius straight and crossover to the Marx library? The large radius straight item 1801 is 11 1/4 inches and the crossover item 1807 is 9 1/4 x 9 1/4 long.

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