SCARM v. 0.9.28 Released

The new SCARM version 0.9.28 is ready! Download it form

Remember, that SCARM is still in beta stage of development and sometimes may not work as expected. Always create archives of your layouts and save changes in a given track plan in different project files (just in case) named like “plan_1.scarm”, “plan_2.scarm”, and so on. Please report any bugs and/or unexpected error messages with a short explanation how, when and where in the program they occurs in the comments area below.

Some of the more important added/improved features and updates are listed below.

Added and improved functionality:
- Scroll buttons for moving of the drawing plot in 2D (can be turned off in the Settings)
- Slope mode for the track labels in 2D for reviewing of the gradients in the track plan (can be toggled from the Settings or with ‘L’ key)
- Optimized Undo/Redo buffer for better performance in 2D

New track libraries:
- Lionel O Super O (discontinued)
- Shinohara HOn3 Code 70
- Fast Tracks N Hand laid track templates (short versions, w/o curved turnouts)

Updated track and object libraries:
- Kato N Unitrack (with all bridges and viaducts)
- Roco H0 Geoline
- Trix H0 C-tracks
- Peco HOe C80
- Marklin I Gauge 1

Updated translations:
- German
- French
- Italian
- Spanish
- Czech

- Fixed Range check error that appears sometimes when working with layers
- Various small bugfixes and corrections

If “Check for Updates” feature in older releases reports that there is no newer version of SCARM, download the installer directly from the website. The old release info file may be cached on your PC and it may need some time to expire. If the website also shows older version, press F5 key to refresh it.

This release has some important improvements and corrections in the code, making SCARM even more stable and useful for track planning. I hope that you will like the new version of the program :)

If you like SCARM, share the info about it with your friends in the social network sites or post a link to in your blog or your favorite railroad forum, so more and more model train enthusiasts and fans to know about it and to use it for free.

Get SCARM from
Official SCARM Download Location

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25 thoughts on “SCARM v. 0.9.28 Released

  1. I just installed the upgrade 9.28 that came out on the 23rd.

    I started receiving errors after using it for a short time, and now I have lost a complete file, that was almost complete, after working on it for several months.

    The file name is completely empty. HELP!

  2. Hello Larry,

    Send me the file to to check it and to try to recover it. I hope that you have a backup copies or previous versions of your layout saved as different files if I am unable to restore the file.

  3. Need help printing my layout on a platter. Can you tell me what software I can use to read and adjust the exported file so I can print it using a platter.

    Love SCARM

  4. My mistake. The platter is not hookup to my computer. I must export the layout into USB and take it to a shop so they can printer. But they don’t know what software to use so the can print to an exact size.
    Another thin. Can I print the “Print Preview” to a file? The reason is that the platter only print 4×6 including the margins so I’ll like to print 3X3s and that will work better for me.

  5. Thanks for the update. The slope mode is a great help. Unfortunately it looks like that something has happened to the height of things like trees. They have all now a level of 0. The strange thing is that lots of trees are at level, ie not on level 0. Not a big problem for me, but you get silly pictures in 3-d with some trees not at level, I had set them all at a level in accordance with the track. For me not a big problem, 3-d is for me a control thing to get track heights correct. May be you can look into the matter if something is broken in the code.

  6. I just checked the trees and they work as usual. If the Vertical position is 0 (zero), the trees will follow the terrain unless it is turned off in the settings. If the Vertical position differs from 0, the trees will be fixed at that height in 3D no matter of the terrain shape.

  7. Got the first serious message. Integer overflow. SU code: 9036. I do get this message when I want to show it in 3D. Guess a memory problem, ie need more memory in the system?

  8. No, it is not in the memory. Restart SCARM, open the project and try 3D again – if the error remains, send me the layout file for checking. Could be some calculation problem in the code.

  9. Got the problem ;-) . I had made a new lib for N-tram Nm. The rail segments are in the street, so you have an option for brick or tar. There are no sleepers, therefore I had set LibSleeperDepth to 0, with the result of integer which is logic (always after the problem you find it logic, why not before ;-(). Will send you the lib so you can add it. Not done yet because there is also a N version, I have that lib not ready yet.

    But having it 3d now I found a new problem. There are lots of objects which had a correct height in the track and a correct height of the object itself. But they are set to zero. I have to insert the new values, which is a “pain” with over 200 objects (Scarm is a little slow on my system with this amount). Its a P3 on 795Mhz with 512Mb.

  10. Update 3D. I installed 9.25 and tried same layouts with same result. Then I took my design special made for my website in order to have an “about picture”. This design does show buildings. Installed 9.28 again. The layout special build for the website did show the 3D correct. So I must have setup the buildings at level 0 in the past. Probably this setup was done because there was no option of layers in older versions. Sorry that I set you on the wrong foot.

  11. I have in 09.28 (don’t know if it happen in older versions) replaced a flex rail track piece for two flex rail track pieces. The reason is to get the tunnel symbol on the right place. The original drawn track is a R583/31.4 piece. Logical the replacement with two pieces R583/15.7 should fit, but it doesn’t. The replacement is now one piece of R583/15.7 and one piece R564/15.7. I did found similar things special with large radius all the way up to something like R9710. As one piece, its all okay, split it and its behaving totally different.

  12. If you suspect that the split feature does not work correctly, send me the file with such flex tracks and I will check it. Sometimes, there is a very small straight part in the flex track next to the joining place which may affect displaying radius, but that should not change the behavior of splitting function.

  13. In one case this is indeed the matter, you can see it because there is a value between () and the sign “°” between the small straight part and the curved part. In the other case I don’t see this unless if this is omitted when it is too small.
    See your mail for the N-tram parts ;-)

  14. I’m not sure, but it looks like a minor bug. I’m busy with the 3D setup. Drawing roofs on buildings etc. You can choose between 6 types of roofs, but the middle two do the same thing, ie you get roof no 4 (Pyramidal), even if you picked roof no 3 (Hipped). May be I do something wrong, but up to now I don’t see a solution to get roof 3 (Hipped).

  15. Thanks for your answer, but this is not consistent, also other dimension of buildings can have roofs as indicated.
    I have a new problem. In 2d view I have buildings in a layer, terrain in a layer, trees in a layer and railplans in a layer. Sometimes objects overlap and with a layer you can switch it on or off. That works very well. For checking I want only railplans, no buildings, no terrain and no trees. But hitting the 3D button will give me regardless what I did choose for layers the same picture and that is with all filled layers. So 3D view with buildings, terrain and trees. Is this on purpose or just a result of adding the layers and not thought about the effect in 3D, ie you could say some sort of bug?

  16. All types of rectangle figures can have any roof, but how the actual roof will look depends on the rectangle dimensions.
    Layers are working only for the 2D drawing for now. Applying them to 3D view is not so easy, but I will work about that for some of the future versions of SCARM.

  17. Hi Milen,
    Love the software. I can now design to my heart’s content using flexi-track (Peco) whereas the other layout software I tried to use seemed to overcomplicated – so thumbs up from me!
    I thought that you might like to know that the SU Code error 9036 is still showing up in v.0.9.29 as a ‘Range check error’ when viewing in 3D. As I downloaded the software only last week I don’t have any earlier software versions on the computer so nothing that’s a hangover from elsewhere. I thought that the problem may have arisen from the large layout I was designing and then trying to cut and paste the landscaping into a new Layer – however having come out of Scarm and turning the computer off and on again – the error is occurring in all previous saved files – even ones without any landscaping (other than buildings). I do have a work around at the moment which is this:
    Open the file and click on 3D view – ‘Rendering landscape’ box opens followed by the ‘Range check error SU code 9306′ box. Close this box down (click on the red X) then click on any of the three landscape buttons on the top bar – and ‘Voila!’ the 3D view opens – bizarre no?
    If this is the only problem I can live with it but there may be a bug somewhere…….
    Whilst landscaping I have noticed there is a lot of ‘bleed’ from higher land levels onto the track – I overcome this by placing rectangles of landscape 1mm thick at levels just below track level – makes it look nice and neat – or as we say in Wales, ‘tidy like’ – but it does mean a lot of work if there’s a lot of landscaping. Just another thing too regarding landscaping, I have noticed that you cannot lower landscape under higher levels as it ‘masks’ the upper levels – that is – you cannot click on them afterwards, only the lower one. My work around on this is to cut a polygon that touches the previously laid levels and give it a lower level value – bit of a pain if you change your mind after doing masses of levels and you don’t like the result. So it seems to be start at the bottom-most level and work up (saved as a separate Level) and then start track laying.
    Otherwise, a brilliant bit of software that works out of the box.
    Kind regards,

  18. Hello Philip,

    About the error message – it is probably a bug in the program. I suppose that there is something in the layout that causes it, so please, send me your .scarm project file to to check it.

    About the terrain – your workarounds are OK, but may be hard to do on a large plan. I will consider adding of internal tracks sorting feature, because now the rendering of the landscape depends on the track placement order, which is not always from bottom-to-top, especially after some editing.

  19. Hello Milen,

    That was quick! I will send you a copy of the last file on which I was working when the error message showed up, and a previous small file on which no error message was showing – but now there is.

    Kind regards,


  20. I am happy to see that Fasttracks N scale turnout templates have been added but sad to see that the curved turnouts (the ones I need) were left out. When will those be added? Can I do some work myself to add them?

  21. Hello Allen,

    I will add curved turnouts to the Fast Tracks N scale library in some of the next updates of SCARM. At the moment there is no option in the interface to add tracks to the libraries, but you can do that by manual editing of the library files.

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