Hornby TT:120 Track Library For SCARM

Here is published the preliminary library for the new Hornby TT:120 tracks for use in SCARM. These tracks are a whole new system and for now, most of them are available only for pre-ordering on Hornby website. Because of that and because not all dimensions are confirmed, the library is given just for testing by the Hornby fans and SCARM users prior the library file to be added to the SCARM installation package.

To use the library, download the installation file from the links below and open it (double-click it or open it using “File” > “Open” menu command in SCARM) in order to install the library in SCARM.

Now run SCARM (or restart it if already running) and search for “TT (1:120)” scale in the libraries list – the new library “Hornby-TT-120″ should be at the bottom of TT scale sub-menu. Select it and then you will be able to make Hornby TT:120 track plans in SCARM, to see how the tracks and points fits together and what space a given TT layout will occupy. A simple example is shown below:

This Hornby TT:120 library in SCARM is published for test purposes only. There may be some errors or inaccuracies in the tracks dimensions and geometry. Use at your own risk.

Once the Hornby TT:120 library gets widely tested and its accuracy gets confirmed, it will be added to the SCARM installation package.

Featured library

Sample track plan

2 thoughts on “Hornby TT:120 Track Library For SCARM

  1. I would just like to thank Milen for his prompt response to introducing this new track range into SCARM.

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