Cause and Solution for Out of Memory Error Message

If you work over a large and/or complex track plan in SCARM, at some time, you may get the following (or similar looking) error message, displayed by the program:

After pressing of the OK button, the program may hang on or crash with another error message. Even if you able to continue, the same or another error message may appear after couple of clicks and SCARM will need to be closed and restarted.

The reason for these errors is in the complexity of the given layout (with many tracks and objects) and the state of the Undo/Redo buffer. Even if there is a plenty of memory in your system, the free memory may become quite fragmented after several editing operations as each next edit stores the whole layout in the Undo/Redo buffer again.

For solving of such problems, a new option was introduced in SCARM v. 0.9.34. It is located in the new “Memory” page of the settings and controls the number of the Undo steps:

To change that setting, you need to start SCARM, then use the “Tools” > “Settings” menu command, navigate to “Memory” page, reduce the Undo steps to 50 or even 20 and finally press OK button.

This will solve the problem with this error message for a while, until your track plan grows again in complexity. If you set the Undo steps to 5 or less and still see the “Out of memory” error, you will probably need to add more physical memory to your PC in order to continue editing of that track plan in SCARM.

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5 thoughts on “Cause and Solution for Out of Memory Error Message

  1. The only times I’ve encountered “out of memory” was when I created a large scene with hundreds of trees, using cut and paste to duplicate clumps of trees. I use Windows 7 with 4 GB RAM.

    100 steps of “undo” is a lot, more than I’ve ever had occasion to use. I’ve reset it to 20. The option to change that seems like a good work-around for possible out-of-memory situations.

    Many Thanks again to Mixy for the ongoing enhancements to SCARM !!!

  2. Getting out of system resources window. SCARM SU code:9030

  3. “Out of system resources” error message may appear in some of the older SCARM beta versions that are no longer supported. Please, update to the latest 1.x.x version of the program.

  4. I am having major issues with the out of memory problems when rendering to 3D. I have turned the step back down from 100 to 5 and I regular still get the out of memory error. I have 8.00 GB of ram operating Windows 7 64 bit I have purchased the software and now I am still having issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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