External Exception – What This Message Means?

When you run SCARM or open the 3D Viewer, you may encounter an error message, saying “External exception” along with some error code.

The message may looks like the following:

The reason of this error is outside SCARM scope and is connected with graphics card, graphics drivers, OpenGL support and/or their settings.

The explanation is that SCARM is unable to find or initialize the OpenGL rendering subsystem in your computer and thus it cannot continue. To solve the problem, please check the following:

1. Ensure that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card and chipset. Check on the manufacturer’s web sites and update the drivers if needed.

2. Check the graphics settings. Open the Control panel/Control center of the graphics driver and set all settings, concerning 3D rendering and OpenGL to their default values.

3. Turn off all advanced graphics settings. If the error remains with the default graphics settings, try to turn off all advanced capabilities of your graphics card and to ensure that no other program or process uses the card’s 3D engine.

There is a known issue with 3D Viewer on SiS Mirage based videocards. When you try to open the 3D Viewer, the program shows empty or corrupted window, displays an error message or crashes. The author is working to solve the problem.

If these steps does not solve the problem, post a comment below with information about your system (Windows version, CPU, RAM, video card model, video memory size) and how and when the error appears (on start-up, when opening 3D Viewer, on particular layout, etc.) and I will try to find other solution.

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4 thoughts on “External Exception – What This Message Means?

  1. I get two dialog boxes when starting up SCARM. The first says: Exception EGL Context in module scarm.exe at 000BFAEE. Context activation failed: 0, De bewerking is voltooid.

    Last sentence is dutch and means as much as: The action is done.

    Second dialog box (after clicking OK): List index out of bounds (-1)

    Then nothing happens.

    This started very recently and I think it might have to do with a new driver for my graphics on my PC. I have an Acer X3470 with AMD A6-3620, dual graphics. Windows 7. The new program is : AMD VISION Engine Control Center.

    Because I tried installing Scarm again, I lost all my layouts. Where can I find them if they were not deleted by removing the program?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello Eric,

    This error is connected with OpenGL driver in your system. If SCARM was able to run before, then something in the driver is changed – may be driver itself (a new driver as you say) or some setting in AMD Control Center. Another user reporting the same problem here http://www.modelrailroadforums.com/forum/showthread.php?20667-SCARM-Simple-Computer-Aided-Railway-Modeller/page11 and then found a game application running and stealing graphics resources by altering the settings. Try to reset all 3D settings in your graphic driver to the defaults. Also try do turn on/off OpenGL Triple Buffering setting – this may resolve the problem.

    You cannot lost or delete already existing layouts by uninstalling or reinstalling SCARM. The project files are in the folder where you saved them. Just search for *.scarm files in the folder search box and you will find your layouts.

  3. I have recently been getting this message when rendering. “Access violation at address S93BBFDS in module”ig9icd32.dll”.Read of address 00000000. SCARM SU code: 11000. I initially thought it was due to an data overload but it has been happening with small files as welll but not as often.. Is this a graphics card issue as well?

  4. Hello Mark,
    Yes, that issue is related to the graphic card – there is either a problem in the driver or some setting is corrupted or incompatible. Please, try to update and reinstall the graphic driver and also try to reset all graphics settings to the defaults.

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