QuickTip: Explanations in the Status Bar

The status bar in SCARM is used to display various information about the program and the currently selected part or function/feature regarding the edited track plan.

Here is shown the most often seen configuration of the status bar:

The various areas are as follows:

1. Position (coordinates) of the cursor, shown in the current measurement unit (mm or inches);
2. Position of the currently selected start/end point or height, shown in the current measurement unit (mm or inched) plus the direction angle of the start/end point, shown in degrees;
3. The main area of the status bar, which is intended to show information for the currently selected part or for the currently performed function or feature;
4. The current zoom factor.

When you don’t know how to use some SCARM function or feature, execute its menu command (or press its button in the toolbar) and look for a short explanation in the status bar.

Not all functions have their own explanations in the Status bar.

You can search about descriptions for some of the complex functions and features (like flex-tracks shaping) in the FAQ section of the documentation.

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