QuickTip: Fast Selection of Sequential Tracks

In order to select several sequential tracks, you can hold Shift key while clicking on each track or use selection with rectangle by dragging of the mouse with holding down the left button. However, in some cases, the layout is too complex for rectangular selection or there are too many tracks for a single-click selecting of each required piece.

Fortunately, SCARM has one nice feature for selection of all sequentially joined tracks by use of double click over some track in the sequence. The trick is that this feature selects only the same colored tracks in the route.

As an example, consider, that you want to select the station in the following track plan:

There are too many tracks for single-click selection and the rectangular selecting tool is also not usable in that particular case. But if you select the two curved tracks before the first and after the last turnout, you can now temporarily change their color to i.e. blue:

Now, selection of the station is easy – just double click over some track from the station’s spurs and the whole station part will be marked in red:

After manipulation of the selection, you can restore the original color of the changed curved tracks.

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One thought on “QuickTip: Fast Selection of Sequential Tracks

  1. This is a good trick, I wished I had learned it sooner! It’s also good for adjusting grades on some sections of track without affecting other sections.

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