QuickTip: How To Cancel The Automatic Joins

Sometimes, when you are moving selected tracks on the plan, a potential join place indicated by red and green arrows may occur.

If the join is unwanted and by some reason you want the tracks to stay on the position without a join, just press Esc key. This will prevent the automatic connection and relocation of the moved tracks.

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2 thoughts on “QuickTip: How To Cancel The Automatic Joins

  1. Hi, how do I connect two straight tracks with the Fleischmann variable length track item 6110.
    I can connect one end ok but how do I lengthen it to connect the other end?

  2. Hello Vin,
    When you place a variable-length straight track on the plot, it will be drawn in gray (instead in black) and will enable to be sized with the mouse – just move the mouse pointer in order to set the length at the other end and when ready, click with the left mouse button. In case that at the other end there is another track and its end is within the range of the adjustment, you will see a green endpoint – left-click to make automatic join.

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