QuickTip: Press ESC Key to Return SCARM to Normal State

If you struggle with some of the advanced SCARM features or if the program seems like freezing and not responding, try to press Esc key to restore the normal behavior.

Pressing of Esc will instruct SCARM to return to the normal mode with all menu commands and all editing capabilities. It may cancel some function or task (like baseboard or figure shaping, flex-track modelling, full-screen mode in the 3D Viewer or some slow operation like 3D terrain rendering of a large layout), but will give the control back in your hands.

Sometimes, Esc needs to be pressed several times in order to get it to work.

Always try to use Esc if you suppose that something in SCARM is going wrong. When you get the control back, save your track plan in a new file (using “Save As” menu command) and restart the program. Check in the documentation about the used feature, which is causing problems, because some of the SCARM functions are requiring additional user interaction in order to be properly completed.

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