Using of Keyboard Shortcuts

SCARM supports several keyboard shortcuts in 2D editing mode and also in the 3D Viewer. These fast keys and key combinations can help you in your work with the program.

See the table below and try the shortcuts in the program.

Key or key combination Action in 2D Editor Action in 3D Viewer
Arrow keys Moves the drawing plot left/right/up/down Moves the camera left/right/forward/backward
Shift + Arrow keys Moves the drawing plot faster Moves the camera faster
Ctrl + Arrow keys Moves the drawing plot by whole screen (or whole page) Rotates the camera
Tab Selects next free Start point n/a
Shift + Tab Selects previous free Start point n/a
Home Sets the coordinate system center (0,0) at top left corner Sets the camera to its initial position
Space Repeats last placed track n/a
+ Zoom in Zoom in
Zoom out Zoom out
* Restores default zoom (1mm = 1px) n/a
/ Fits plan to page/screen n/a
> (greater sign) 1) Increases selected track height with 1mm (~0.04″) n/a
Shift + > (greater sign) 1) Increases selected track height with 10mm (~0.4″) n/a
< (less sign) 2) Decreases selected track height with 1mm (~0.04″) n/a
Shift + < (less sign) 2) Decreases selected track height with 10mm (~0.4″) n/a
A Shows/hides track accessories n/a
B Shows/hides track roadbed n/a
C Toggles between solid and contour start point arrows n/a
F Shows/hides figures on the layout n/a
G Toggles grid between dots, lines and off Shows/hides grid points
H Toggles height markers on/off n/a
I Toggles background image on/off (if loaded) n/a
L Toggles track labels between names, numbers, slopes and off n/a
O Shows/hides objects on the layout n/a
R Shows/hides rulers n/a
S Shows/hides track separators Shows/hides track separators
T Toggles tracks between different showing styles Shows/hides track ties (sleepers)
U Toggles measurement units between millimeters and inches n/a

1)  may be [ . ] (dot) key on some keyboards
2)  may be [ , ] (comma) key on some keyboards

Most of these features are accessible also with the mouse, buttons in the toolbar and various menus and dialogs. However, using of the keyboard can be much faster and convenient for many of you, when working over railroad layout plan in SCARM.

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16 thoughts on “Using of Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Found this just an hour ago – designed 4 different layouts for 3 rail Hornby as possibles for my grandson.

    Now decided to dump my designs and let him design his own on SCARM tomorrow night – he is 4 years old but this programme is so easy and fun I am sure he will enjoy it and design his own layout quickly. I may use the Figures option until he is 5.

    Congrates to the developer and keep it going – THANKS

  2. Hello Glen,

    Yes, you can switch to inches using Tools > Settings > Dimensions tab > Measurement units group > Inches. Or just click over the “mm” in the top left corner of the drawing plot.

  3. Hi,
    I just started using SCARM today and am still working through tutorials, but have managed to draft one of the tougher curves on the layout I’ve been wanting to build since my teens.
    I was wondering if anyone had tried to install SCARM on a Macintosh (iMac) using Winebottle (, so that I didn’t need to invoke VirtualBox and use the Windows OS?
    I did get it to run, but it could not find the EN (english) or any of the track libraries — which the installer probably put somewhere I would not be able to find. (I was imprinted on a Mac in 1984 and never saw a need to ‘get under the hood’ as PC owners seem to need to, despite being an ingénieur.)
    I sense that a lot of model railroaders are “artsy” types, with a higher portion of Mac owners than the general public, so wanted to ask if you have tried this, and if so, what you had to do to get the installer to work, or: what files you needed to copy to make it work in a Mac app package?

  4. I like your program, it’s very easy to use. There appears to be an issue with the geometry of the Atlas N55 30.61 inch radius sections. They will not make a true 90 degree curve. When making a complete circle, there is about an inch overlap at the ends.

  5. Hello John,

    Atlas N Code 55 #2030 curve is used as turnout #5 reverse curve for back to parallel track. Due to its angle, it cannot make full or quarter circle in SCARM and other CAD programs, but in the reality that should be done without problems.

    @Ron: There are users who managed to run SCARM on Mac computers – read more about that here: Running SCARM on Apple Mac.

  6. Hi Milen, not sure if my idea is possible. Would it be possible to input all the components I have on hand (like an inventory) then the software could suggest say 2 or 3 layouts from those? Then with the software I could add and then buy what else I want to add.

  7. Milen,
    Is it possible to configure the rectangle figure to accept dimensions like the baseboard tool. I have designed layout tables and it is hard to get the boards dimensions the exact size.


  8. Would be great to be able to select track, object, corner of an object… and be able to move the select track, object, corner of an object via arrow keys. For example, say I have an object exactly where I want it vertically, but want to move it a little horizontally (for track you can do this now via parallel start points, but an arrow key bump would be easier).

    Also, would be nice to be able to manually enter position or object size.

  9. For moving of tracks and objects horizontally or vertically, use the Translocation tool in the Toolbox.
    Manual definition with coordinates for now is possible only for the Baseboard, but I will work to introduce such feature also for the figures.

  10. Keyboard shortcut not listed above:
    Crtl-R = Rotate (2d editor)

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