Examples of Rolling Stock in SCARM (N-scale)

A few days ago, I posted an article about the N-scale garage layout of Sarge, which he send to me by e-mail. There were several trains in the track plan, which Bill created using the figures interface in SCARM. Although it is not possible all the details to be reproduced with figures, the locomotives and coaches, created by Bill are good looking and may be useful to any other user, who is modelling in N scale (1:160) and wants to see how some trains will be standing on the tracks of his own SCARM design.

See Sarge’s train models in the gallery below and download the SCARM project files, containing them from the links at the bottom of the post.

Here are showed two of the passenger trains, that can be found in Sarge’s layout.

And finally, a 2-8-2 steam loco :)

Thank you, Bill, for sharing your SCARM train project files with all other model railroaders and SCARM users :)

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4 thoughts on “Examples of Rolling Stock in SCARM (N-scale)

  1. I like the way you have created some engines & rolling stock in scarm.
    I would like to do the same for British Outline rolling stock.
    I am new to scarm (only found out about it last week) and still learning the basics although I have completed a layout and just need to add scenery & buildings etc., and ideally some rolling stock.
    Am I right in assuming you created your models using just the figures option
    (rectangles & polygons) & if so how did you manage to draw the wheels on the steam engine.
    As I say my layout design is still at the basic stage although the layout physically exists in a small trastero (lock-up) I rent in the complex I live on
    in Tenerife.
    If you gave me your email address I could email you a copy of the layout as it now stands if you were interested.

  2. Hello Terry,

    You’re right, that Bill used the figures to draw all the rolling stock shown here. The wheels and the boiler of the steam engine are drawn again with the figures, using a set of very thin overlapping rectangles to simulate the rounded shape. This was a hard work, but Bill have enough patience to do it in SCARM. I hope that the future releases of the program will have the ability to draw more type of figures, easily and more precise than current versions. But even now while in beta, SCARM can do a lot of things :)

  3. Hello,
    Can you tell in which file I can find the 2-8-2 Steam locomotive ?
    Regards, Louis

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