Examples of Various N-scale Objects in SCARM

Here I will present several nice N scale (1:160) objects, created with the figures in SCARM and sent to me by Ralph Gauthier. Some of them are a true factory-made items (you can buy them from a hobby store) and others are custom-made and should be scratch build for a real layout. You can download the SCARM project file, containing all these (and much more) objects from the links below, open it on your computer, select and copy desired object and then paste it directly in your SCARM track plan.

You can rotate and fit the objects to where you want on the plan and also ungrouop and reposition the elements (i.e. to change the color of vehicle) or group more objects together. Watch the gallery below and click on the 3D images to see more details.

Thank you, Ralph, for sharing your virtual SCARM layout objects with all other model railroaders and SCARM users :)

Featured objects
N_Scale_Details[1]_Ralph.zip (250 KB)

6 thoughts on “Examples of Various N-scale Objects in SCARM

  1. first of let me say VERY NICE WORK THANK YOU SO MUCH! regarding the Heljan – Railroad Wash Facility (612) it has 2 doors can u tell me the tack placement?

  2. what i meant by track placement is how far the track is from each other? I like the building but i don’t have one yet, but still want to throw rails down so its ready for that building

    to bad more people dont submit stuff like this …

  3. I did have the blueprint drawing of it, cant find it now, but the Kato Double crossover is very close, maybe a 1/4 inch to narrow.

  4. Ralph, I have used several of the structures. Thank you.
    I am searching for a source of more to the DPM n-scale kits and Woodland Scenic kits or build up structures. I have developed a track plan for a Kato Unitrack n-scale layout.

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