Small Station in N Scale

This is one nice virtual model of a small railway station in N scale (1:160), created with the figures in SCARM and sent to me by Szilárd Szebenyi.

See the gallery below and click on the 3D images to view the building in more details. If you like that structure, see the links at the bottom and download the SCARM project file to use the station in your own layout.

Here is what Szilárd is saying about himself this virtual building in SCARM.

I am Szilárd Szebenyi, a 61-year-old graphic designer from Hungary. Unfortunately, the current economic situation does not make it possible for me to build a real table, so I was very happy with this program. This way I can build my dreams virtually.
Thanks to the developers!

Thank you, Szilárd , for sharing your virtual SCARM artwork with all other model train fans and SCARM users :)

Featured station
STATION_N_edited.scarm (2.77 MB)

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