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20.05.2010 –  First official release of SCARM

SCARM Versions 1.x.x

29.07.2017 –  1.0.0 Milestone
Added/improved functionality:
- New optimized file format
- Adjustable grid step (in Settings > Dimensions)
  Note: The grid step for imperial units now defaults to 6 inches
- Option that allows spreading of the labels outside tracks (in Settings > 2D View)
- Option for overriding of the minimum flex-track radius (in Settings > Edit)
- Light source intensity control (in the top-right corner of the 3D Viewer)*
- Advanced 3D viewing settings (in Settings > 3D View)*
- Unlimited number of layers*
- Automatic full-size (1:1) printout feature*
- Automatic check for updates
New & updated track libraries
Updated translations (German, Danish, Japanese, Chinese)
- Improved focus transfer between the main editor window and helper windows (Toolbox and Layers)
- Fixed behavior of Tab key which could stop working after flex track drag&drop
* Features available only in the licensed version
04.10.2017 –  1.0.1
Added/improved functionality:
- Improved license activation and registration procedure
- Improved reporting for new versions and updates
New & updated track libraries
New translations:
- Catalan (thanks to Subirana)
Updated translations (Danish, Dutch, Japanese)
- Fixed bug related to automatic full-size (1:1) printouts resulting in printed pages not matching to the preview scheme
- Fixed bug in the clipboard that may result in AV error for specific tracks when Copy/Paste operation is performed
- Fixed bug "Invalid floating point operation" that may appear in some rare cases when the Layers window is getting opened
29.11.2017 –  1.1.0
Added/improved functionality:
- The layers visibility can be applied in the 3D viewing mode
- SCARM License Manager now works in Wine
- Improved and facilitated downloading of rolling stock for MTS PE
New & updated track libraries
Updated translations (German, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Greek)
- Fixed possible error message when saving files directly downloaded from Internet
- Fixed several bugs in the Model Trains Simulator
28.01.2018 –  1.2.0
Added/improved functionality:
- New options for counting of the tracks and objects in the Parts list*
- Ability to work with tram track systems
- Improved texturing capabilities of the 3D rendering engine
- Improved saving and restoring of the backup project files
New & updated track libraries
Updated translations (German, Danish, Czech)
- Fixed AV error message in MTS that may appear when loading of saved session with missing vehicles in the locally installed rolling stock libraries
* Features available only in the licensed version
18.05.2018 –  1.3.0
Added/improved functionality:
- Improved Status bar with more details about the selected tracks and objects
   - Layer of the selected track/object
   - Name and basic properties of the selected figure
   - Vertical position (VP) and height (H) of the selected figure
   - Scale of the selected object
- Improved reporting for updates, new features and promotions
- Option for uninstalling of licenses and extensions
New & updated track & object libraries
Updated translations (German, Danish, Dutch, Brasilian Portuguese)
- Fixed possible freezing when editing of the baseboard contour
- Fixed possible menu bar flickering in some systems when moving the mouse
- Fixed forced realign of the tracks after move and join
- Fixed several bugs in the Model Trains Simulator
25.08.2018 –  1.4.0
Added/improved functionality:
- New "Translocation" tool in the Toolbox for precise moving of the selection with dx and dy offsets
- New option in the Flex-tracks modelling tool for automatic adding of the required number of flexes to accomplish given length or radius/angle track laying operation
New & updated track & object libraries
Updated translations (German, Czech, Japanese)
- Fixed AV error message that may sometimes appear when quitting SCARM
11.02.2019 –  1.5.0
Added/improved functionality:
- New "Ramp" figure
- New tool for automatic conversion of all simple sectional tracks to flexes
- New right-click menu item for hiding of the needless tracks in the current library
- New options for drawing of the grid in 2D mode
- New buttons in the Layers window for rearranging of the layers in the list*
- "Fit to screen" command now includes also the tracks and objects located outside the baseboard contour
New & updated track libraries
Updated translations (German, Japanese, Greek, Catalan)
- Fixed Status bar that may look broken after paste of some figures and objects
- Fixed baseboard corner control points that were not able to be selected when overlapped by track or figure
- Fixed selection and print colors when both centers and outlines are enabled for the tracks in 2D drawing mode
- Fixed Translocation tool that now works correct when Imperial units (inches) are used
- Fixed turntable bottom cylinder that sometimes may appear at wrong elevation even if track supports are removed
- Fixed drawing of roads when using the flex-tracks modelling tool with "Add tracks automatically" option enabled
- Fixed LUNA tram track libraries that may sometimes cause program crash
* Features available only in the licensed version
30.03.2019 –  1.5.1
- Fixed EConvertError that may prevent starting of SCARM on some systems
- Resolved "This version of SCARM is out of date" message that may prevent opening of SCARM files on some systems
12.09.2019 –  1.6.0
Added/improved functionality:
- Improved Roofs with scale-dependent elements
- Improved 3D terrain rendering for some complex and/or very large layouts
New & updated track libraries
Updated translations (Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Japanese)
- Fixed possible cyclic error messages or disturbed 2D track plan after pressing Esc key while interacting with the mouse
- Fixed possible "Integer overflow" error when visualizing some very large layouts in the 3D Viewer
09.03.2020 –  1.7.0
Added/improved functionality:
- Improved Print dialog and Print preview mode
- User defined and controlled headers and footers on the printouts*
- New options for choosing what to be shown on the button labels of the Tracks selection panel (in the Settings)
- Added context menu to the "Show hidden items" button in Tracks selection panel
- Improved support for multi-monitor systems
New & updated track libraries
New translations:
- Finnish (thanks to Matti Kirsi)
- Slovenian (thanks to Gasper Siard)
Updated translations (Danish)
- Page orientation can be now manually set from the printer's properties dialog
- Fixed crash in the Model Trains Simulator when there is no sound card installed
- Fixed missing or minimized program window on start-up which may occur in some very rare cases
* Features available only in the licensed version
18.09.2020 –  1.7.1
New & updated track libraries
Updated translations (Catalan, German, Japanese)

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