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Cars (sedan) Various colors

縮尺: Any
ライブラリ作者: Milen Peev
ライブラリファイル: obj_Cars_sedan.lib
最終更新日: 14 May 2018

 Requires download

Download: obj_Cars_sedan.scpem (219 KB)

In order to install the library in SCARM, download the above file and open it either directly in the browser or with double-click on it after saving in your PC. After installation, restart the program and search for the new library in the "Objects" sub-menu of the libraries drop-down list.

The virtual cars in the library are shown below:

In order to place a car on the plan, just drag-and-drop it at the desired location and then use "Edit" > "Rotate" menu command to turn it in the desired direction. Examples of cars on a layout are shown below:

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