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Buy license or paid modules with exclusive features

Here you can select and buy license key or various paid modules for SCARM in order to get exclusive functions and features with options and capabilities that are not included in the basic program. See the list of available paid modules below and use the “Buy Now” button in order to purchase the desired extensions.

How to install the license and extension modules?

The free add-on modules can be downloaded and used instantly (no account required), while the license key and the paid modules must be purchased prior to downloading and activating (account registration is required). To register a new user account, to login or to view your already existing account, click on the appropriate link:

Create new account
Sign in into your account

Please note that all module downloads must be initiated from SCARM in order to be properly registered and activated in the system. Use "Extensions" > "Browse for Extensions" menu command within SCARM to open the Extensions page. After that you will be able to get the free modules or to login into your account and then download and install the already purchased commercial modules.

Paid modules and licenses for SCARM  

SCARM License Key  44.90 USD 

Get your SCARM License Key to unlock the full potential of the most successful software for model trains track planning and layout design. Take advantage from the unlimited number of tracks, objects and layers in a project, advanced 3D graphics, full-size (1:1) printouts with a single click, new automatic features, etc. See more

Model Trains Simulator – Power Edition  29.90 USD 

Intended for advanced 2D and 3D simulations of running trains on the track plan in order to get idea about how the rolling stock will be operated on more complex layouts. This version is equipped with the Power Train Controller which can work with up to 5 locomotives and 50 cars per simulation session and provides access to the Virtual Rolling Stock database containing various models of European and North American trains. See more

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