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Model Trains Simulator – Starter Edition

The Model Trains Simulator (MTS) is intended for 2D and 3D simulations of train operations on the track plan, designed in SCARM. It will show you how the model rolling stock can be operated on a real layout. You can run simulation sessions for checking your plan concept, to see how long and how many trains can be safely operated on that plan, to calculate time schedules based on trains running time or just for fun. Last but not least, you can play with your children and grandchildren in MTS and to show them the model trains in a way, suitable for the new computer generation. When the kids then see the real models, they will love them

The Starter Edition (SE) of MTS is equipped with Basic Train Controller module and is bundled with a Demo Start Set library of model rolling stock. In order to register and activate MTS SE in your computer, you must open this page form "Extensions" > "Browse for Extensions" menu in SCARM and then download and install both packages from the links in the bottom.

Model Trains Simulator at a glance
  • State of the art simulation engine with unlimited number of simultaneously running trains*
  • Model trains simulation in 2D and 3D viewing modes
  • Precise designed virtual rolling stock with dimensions and capabilities of the real prototypes
  • Detailed and realistic textured 3D locomotives and cars in real color schemes
  • Simple and easy to use trains formation editor
  • Powerful virtual train controller with DCC-like emulation
  • Plenty of options for setup of the realism, the layout, the models, the controller and many other settings of the simulation


* The number of locomotives and cars in a session and the quality of the simulation depends on the MTS edition, available rolling stock libraries and the capabilities (CPU, RAM, Video) of your PC.

Basic Train Controller specifications and features
  • Allows running of 1 locomotive and up to 10 cars per simulation session
  • Flexible throttle control (with screen slider, mouse wheel or from the keyboard)
  • Digital or analogue combo display showing the real or scaled train speed
  • Session timer for count the overall simulation playing time
  • Various options for controlling of the simulation behaviour


If you want more trains and more control options, check the more powerful Model Trains Simulator – Power Edition.

Demo Start Set rolling stock bundle

  • V100 of DR – 4-axle diesel locomotive (1 pcs.)
  • Baage of DR – 2-axle passenger coach (5 pcs.)
  • Gbs of DR – 2-axle covered freight car (5 pcs.)
V100 of DR, Ep. III-IV, East Germany
4-axle diesel locomotive (1 pcs.)
Vmax = 100 km/h

Baage of DR, Ep. III-IV, East Germany
2-axle passenger car (5 pcs.)

Gbs of DR, Ep. III-IV, East Germany
2-axle boxcar (5 pcs.)

More libraries with locomotives and wagons for more complex simulations can be found in the Virtual Rolling Stock database, however, they are intended to be used along with the Power Edition of MTS.

Download Model Trains Simulator – Starter Edition

In order to install the MTS SE in SCARM, you must navigate to this page through "Extensions" > "Browse for Extensions" menu command within the program and then you will be able to download the following 2 components:

Basic Train Controller (with power for 1 locomotive and 10 cars per session)
Demo Start Set (1 diesel engine, 5 pasenger cars, 5 freight cars)

Click on each of the links above and open the files either right now in the browser or with double click after saving them on your PC. Restart SCARM after installing of the files in order to use the MTS SE in the program. Read more details about how to obtain, install and start MTS SE in the MTS Online Help.

Note The traffic light icons above must show "green" for correct downloading, otherwise the links will not work. If you have troubles when downloading/installing MTS SE components, follow the instructions in the Installation and startup chapter of the MTS Online Help.

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