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How to get started?

For example, you can begin with a simple oval.

Start the program and select "Edit" > "New start point" from main menu. Click with left mouse button to place the start point on the plot. "Tillig-TT-Std" library is selected by default. Select straight #6110 track from the left vertical panel (using left mouse button). Then select a curved #6210 track in the same way - additional buttons for direction will appear - choose desired turn direction with clicking one of them. To repeat the curved track, press Spacebar 3 times until semicircle is formed on the plot. If some tracks go outside of the visible plot area, use the mouse wheel to rescale the drawing or press it to move the drawing area in desired direction. Then place track #6110 again followed by 4 curved #6210 tracks and your first oval is ready. The track ends will be connected to each other automatically, because their ends will overlap at the same point.

Or you can just drag and drop the tracks from the selection panel to the drawing plot by click and hold left mouse button – it can’t be easier than this :)

Do not miss the video tutorials about SCARM created by Ruud Boer and J. B. aka Gilshrat.

SCARM Video Tutorial Series

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