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How to create baseboard/workbench shape?

Select "Edit" > "Create Baseboard" from the menu and draw the shape of the baseboard with left mouse button clicks. When you are ready to place the last point, use the right mouse button to close and finish the shape. If you want to draw exact horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, hold Ctrl while modelling the shape. Actually, the baseboard’s shape can be any geometric figure with the only limitation that sides cannot cross each other.

If you want to change the shape of the baseboard, you can either edit it or re-create it with "Edit" > "Renovate Baseboard" menu command, using the old shape as base for a new figure. Editing is done by control points at shape ends, which can be moved, inserted or deleted.

To start editing of the baseboard contour, click over some of its sides in order to select it – the color of the shape will turn red and the control points will appear. To add new point, right click over the contour in the desired place and select “Insert new point” from the context menu. To delete a point, click over it to select it and then press “Del” key on the keyboard. To move already selected point, just drag it with the mouse.

If you want to create rectangular baseboard around existing track plan, hold Shift while selecting "Create Baseboard" command.

You can also create your baseboard by entering the coordinates of the sides, using dedicated functions in the Toolbox.

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