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How to import track plans in SCARM?

If you want to import a track plan in SCARM, you need to scan it first (if the plan is coming from a book) or to get it as image file (if the plan is drawn in another program). You will need to know the dimensions of the tracks or to have some marker with known size in the image in order to match the imported plan to the dimensions in SCARM.

Use “View” > “Background Image” menu command in order to load the image file as a background on the drawing plot. Use the small sizing triangle in the bottom right corner of the picture in order to set the size of the loaded plan to match the dimensions of the project in SCARM. Select your preferred track system from the list of available libraries and start to reproduce the background plan with new track pieces in SCARM. Use “I” key if you want to temporarily hide the background image from the drawing.

In this way, you can import and trace any track plan with high precision and also can use other track systems and scales, different than the original track plan.

Note SCАRM and ATPS file formats are 100% compatible and can be opened directly within both programs.

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