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3D View

This page contains options for controlling the view and behavior in the 3D viewer

Tracks – Controls how the tracks are drawn in the 3D viewer

Sleepers – shows 3D sleepers (ties).

Separators – shows 3D separators in the track ends.

Layers – Controls displaying of the layered content

Apply visibility in 3D – when checked, only content from the visible layers is shown.

Camera – Controls the behavior of the camera

Inversed movement – when checked, the camera movement with the mouse is inversed.

Initial position – specifies the initial position of the camera toward the layout. (Licensed Version only)

Baseboard – Controls the look of the baseboard/workbench surface in the 3D viewer

Terrain – when checked, the program generates realistic terrain surface according to track heights.

Rendering quality/speed – controls the density of the terrain mesh; denser mesh looks better, but takes more time to be calculated and vice versa.

Grid – shows 3D grid points on the base level, which may be overlapped by the terrain.

Colors – Specifies the colors of the layout scene (Licensed Version only)

Surface – Sets the color of the baseboard and the terrain surface. (Licensed Version only)

Background – Sets the environment (background) color. (Licensed Version only)

Grid dots – Sets the color of the grid dots. (Licensed Version only)

Lighting – Specifies the lighting of the layout scene (Licensed Version only)

Light source position – specifies the position of the main light source toward the layout. (Licensed Version only)

Note The light source height is determined automatically, based on the layout size and area. The light source intensity can be controlled from the slider in the upper right corner of the 3D Viewer (Licensed Version only).

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