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This page contains security options regarding saving of your track plans

Auto save and backup – Controls the settings regarding auto save of recovery files and backing up of already saved projects

Save auto recovery file – when checked, the program periodically saves recovery file for the current project.

Every X minutes – specifies the period (between 5 and 180 minutes) for auto saving of the recovery file.

The recovery file has extension, containing “_autosave” in its end. In case of program crash or power loss, the recovery file may help you to restore your work at the point of the last autosave. Open your last (lost) project as usual and if SCARM detects the autosaved recovery file, it will open that file, allowing you to review it, save it and continue your work.

Note Auto saving of recovery file is a security feature, which does not replace the Save command – you must still save your project when you finish your work over it.

Make backup on save – if checked, each time when you re-save (overwrite) your project, SCARM will backup your previous project file with “BACKUP” label in its name.

Keep previous backups – if checked, each new backup will be saved in a separate file with a version number in its name.

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