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This page contains options for setting the measure and gradient units as well as showing of the dimensions of flex-tracks

Measure units – Sets the default measuring unit in the program between:

Millimeters (mm)

Inches (in)

Grid step – specifies the step of the grid.

Note You may instantly toggle between millimeters and inches by pressing of “U” key in the 2D editor.

Gradients – Sets how the gradients are displayed by default in the program as:

Percents (%)

Thousands (‰)

Note The relation is 1% = 10‰.

Flex-tracks – Controls how the dimensions of the flex-tracks are displayed

Show dimensions on track sections – enables displaying of the dimensions in each section of the flex-track.

Radius / Angle – shows the dimension of each curved section as radius and angle.

Length / Angle – shows the dimension of each curved section as path length and angle.

Note If the dimension label is longer than the track section, it may not appear on the track.

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