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  • Nonworking 3D Viewer on some SiS Mirage based videocards

    Problem When you try to open the 3D viewer, the program shows empty or corrupted window, displays an error message or crashes. The author is working to solve the problem.

  • Scrambled track plan after flex-track modeling operation

    Problem In some very rare cases, it is possible the track plan to become scrambled like “spaghetti” after usual flex-track shaping operation. If that happens to you, undo the last operations (Ctrl-Z) until restoring of the layout plan in its normal state. Save the project under different name and send it for check by e-mail to with explanation how to reproduce the problem.

    Fixed in v. 0.9.31

  • Disordering of figures after rotation

    Problem When selection of several figures or group of figures is rotated while one of the shapes is crossing some of the coordinate axes, the result after the rotation may be disordered. Pressing of Cancel in Rotation window returns the initial angle, but disorder remains.

    Possible workaround If that happens, use Edit > Undo menu command to restore the previous state of the track plan where the figures are ordered normally. Select and move the figures or group of figures apart of the coordinate axes, rotate them as usual and then move back to the initial position. The problem will be solved in some of the next versions of the program.

    Fixed in v. 0.9.32

  • Problems on multi-monitor configurations

    Problem When SCARM is started in multi-monitor system configuration, the main window may not appear on the current monitor, the context menus may appear at unexpected positions and/or some functions and features may not work correctly (or not work at all) on the secondary display(s).

    Possible workaround For now, always run SCARM on the main (primary) display in order to make it working correctly.

If your problem is not listed above, check for recently reported bugs or issues and solutions for them in the blog from the link below.

Remember, that SCARM is still in beta stage of development and sometimes may not work as expected. Always create archives of your layouts and save the changes in the same track plan as different files (just in case) i.e. “layout_1.scarm”, “layout_2.scarm”, and so on. Please report any bugs and error messages with explanation how, when and where in the program they occurs to author at .

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