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20.05.2010 –  First official release of SCARM

09.06.2016 –  0.9.33
Added/improved functionality:
- New "Height shift" tool in the Toolbox for vertical transposition of all selected tracks and objects together
- New command "Transfer to Layer" in Edit menu for moving tracks and objects between layers while keeping the Z-order in 2D
- Improved "Parts list" HTML code for better viewing of the page in all modern browsers
- Improved "Measuring tape" feature with on-screen hint for showing the measured distance (works only in Windows Aero theme)
- Automatic check procedure for incompatible track joins and placements (filling of incompatible tracks database is in progress)
Added language:
- Japanese (thanks to TodaProduction)
Updated translations (Russian)
Updated track libraries
- Fixed issue which prevented creating of slopes for sequential doubled tracks (i.e. Kato doubled straights and curves)
- Fixed truncated strings after entering of vertical dash (|) in the text edit field
14.09.2016 –  0.9.34
Added/improved functionality:
- New Memory page in the settings with option for reducing of the Undo steps
- The ability to work with Extensions (plugins) is now revealed
- New extension: Model Trains Simulator (Starter Edition)
Updated translations (German, Chinese)
New & updated track libraries
- Fixed several bugs in Layers window and layers management
- Fixed printing initialization routine
- Rotated text keeps the angle after editing
02.03.2017 –  0.9.35
Added/improved functionality:
- The Registered Users Area is now open and ready for account registrations
- New extension: Model Trains Simulator - Power Edition
- Database with Virtual Rolling Stock for use in MTS Power Edition
- General performance and memory usage optimization
Updated translations (German, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese)
New & updated track libraries
- Fixed bug with parallel start points, placed always at positions, rounded to 1mm
- Fixed bug with curved track directions that may appear changed for some curves after reopening of a saved project
- Fixed bug with some regular tracks that was not able to be snipped-off
- Fixed bug with some sniped-off tracks that appeared in full length after reopening of a saved project
10.03.2017 –  0.9.36
Updated translations (Japanese)
New & updated track libraries
- Fixed ERangeError bug that may prevent starting of SCARM on some systems
29.04.2017 –  0.9.37
Added/improved functionality:
- Model Trains Simulator - Power Edition: Driver's Camera Viewing Mode
- Option in the Print dialog for printing of the Background image
- Option for changing of the track labels font size in the 2D settings page
- Option for restoring of the normal mode of operation in the Portable settings page
Updated translations (German)
- Fixed bug for some hot keys and combinations (i.e. Del, Space and several others) that stops working after placing or editing of text on the plot while Toolbox is active
- Fixed bug with "ghost" track circle, that may sometimes appear at the end of a flex track in 3D viewing mode
- Fixed problem with incomplete and/or improper registering of the MTS extensions on some computers
- Fixed several bugs and error messages in the MTS core routines

SCARM Versions 1.x.x

29.07.2017 –  1.0.0 Milestone
Added/improved functionality:
- New optimized file format
- Adjustable grid step (in Settings > Dimensions)
  Note: The grid step for imperial units now defaults to 6 inches
- Option that allows spreading of the labels outside tracks (in Settings > 2D View)
- Option for overriding of the minimum flex-track radius (in Settings > Edit)
- Light source intensity control (in the top-right corner of the 3D Viewer)*
- Advanced 3D viewing settings (in Settings > 3D View)*
- Unlimited number of layers*
- Automatic full-size (1:1) printout feature*
- Automatic check for updates
New & updated track libraries
Updated translations (German, Danish, Japanese, Chinese)
- Improved focus transfer between the main editor window and helper windows (Toolbox and Layers)
- Fixed behavior of Tab key which could stop working after flex track drag&drop
* Features available only in the licensed version
04.10.2017 –  1.0.1
Added/improved functionality:
- Improved license activation and registration procedure
- Improved reporting for new versions and updates
New & updated track libraries
New translations:
- Catalan (thanks to Subirana)
Updated translations (Danish, Dutch, Japanese)
- Fixed bug related to automatic full-size (1:1) printouts resulting in printed pages not matching to the preview scheme
- Fixed bug in the clipboard that may result in AV error for specific tracks when Copy/Paste operation is performed
- Fixed bug "Invalid floating point operation" that may appear in some rare cases when the Layers window is getting opened
29.11.2017 –  1.1.0
Added/improved functionality:
- The layers visibility can be applied in the 3D viewing mode
- SCARM License Manager now works in Wine
- Improved and facilitated downloading of rolling stock for MTS PE
New & updated track libraries
Updated translations (German, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Greek)
- Fixed possible error message when saving files directly downloaded from Internet
- Fixed several bugs in the Model Trains Simulator
28.01.2018 –  1.2.0
Added/improved functionality:
- New options for counting of the tracks and objects in the Parts list*
- Ability to work with tram track systems
- Improved texturing capabilities of the 3D rendering engine
- Improved saving and restoring of the backup project files
New & updated track libraries
Updated translations (German, Danish, Czech)
- Fixed AV error message in MTS that may appear when loading of saved session with missing vehicles in the locally installed rolling stock libraries
* Features available only in the licensed version

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