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4-axle plug-door boxcar of Union Pacific railroad company from the United States, in yellow and silver colors.

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Type: Freight car
Class: Boxcar, 50ft
Gauge (proto): 1435mm; 4' 8½"
Vehicles in set: 10
Road number(s): 499637 (same)
Railroad: Union Pacific (UP)
Region: United States (North America)
Epoch/Era: IV, V, VI / Modern
Coloring: Authentic
Length (proto): 15.66m; 51' 4.5"
Base (proto): 12.47m; 40' 11" (between bolsters)
Wheelsets: 4
Couplers: Default


The boxcars can carry most kinds of freight. Originally they were hand-loaded, but in more recent years mechanical assistance such as forklifts have been used to load and empty them faster. Their generalized design is still slower to load and unload than specialized designs of car, and this partially explains the decline in boxcar numbers since World War II. The other cause for this decline is the dramatic shift of waterborne cargo transport to container shipping.

Source: Wikipedia


The 50' sliding plug-door boxcar shown here is a widespread design, used by many railroads in USA and Canada. The tight seal of the plug door, together with the insulated sides, floor, ends and roof panels, allowed these cars to carry perishables where temperature control was important, but refrigeration wasn't necessary.


The virtual model for SCARM MTS is based on mixture of details, taken from the Union Pacific prototype photos and real scaled model in HO (1/87) scale, produced by Tyco. All major dimensions are preserved and most notable details are represented in the virtual model.

"Union Pacific" and UP logo are trademarks of Union Pacific Railroad Company and are used in MTS under corresponding license.

File:  UP_50ft_pd_boxcar_yellow_silver.scpem
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Required software: SCARM
Required extension: Model Trains Simulator - Power Edition
Model/set price: Free
Author: Milen Peev aka Mixy   
Released on: 14 Oct 2017
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