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4-axle DOT111A crude oil tank car of NoName Railroad company (fictional railroad operator in the United States), in black color.

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Type: Freight car
Class: DOT111, Tanker, 31k gal
Gauge (proto): 1435mm; 4' 8½"
Vehicles in set: 10
Road number(s): 310125 (same)
Railroad: NoName Railroad (NNR)
Region: United States (North America)
Epoch/Era: V, VI / Modern
Coloring: Authentic
Length (proto): 17.23m; 56' 6"
Base (proto): 13.92m; 45' 8" (between bolsters)
Wheelsets: 4
Couplers: Default


U.S. DOT-111 tank car, also known as the TC-111 in Canada, is a type of unpressurized general service tank car in common use in North America. As of 2013, up to 69% of U.S. rail tank cars and 80% of the Canadian fleet were DOT-111 type. The DOT-111 tank cars are constructed with a draft sill design. Draft sills incorporate the draft gear behind each coupler that is designed to transfer longitudinal draft (tension) and buff (compression) forces throughout the length of a train. The draft sills are attached to steel pads that are attached to the tank. If the cars do not incorporate a continuous center sill extending the entire length of the car, the two draft sills at each end are referred to as stub sills, and the tank carries draft forces between couplers. In this case, reinforcing bars may be extended underneath the tank between the draft sills. Body bolsters and their associated body bolster pads centered above the railcar trucks support the tank and protect it against lateral forces. The draft sill center plate serves as the attachment point between the tank car body and the truck assembly.

Source: Wikipedia


The DOT111A tank car shown here is produced by TrinityRail. It incorporates the new design with front and back shields and is used for delivery of crude oil from various oil fields in North America to the refineries on the East, Gulf and West coasts.


The virtual model for SCARM MTS is based on mixture of details, taken from the prototype photos and real scaled model in HO (1/87) scale, produced by All major dimensions are preserved and most notable details are represented in the virtual model.

File:  NNR_31kgal_tank_black.scpem
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Required software: SCARM
Required extension: Model Trains Simulator - Power Edition
Model/set price: Free
Author: Milen Peev aka Mixy   
Released on: 23 Feb 2018
Views: 3464
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