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2-axle covered freight car type Gbs of DR (fallen flag railroad operator in former East Germany), in the standard brown color.

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Type: Freight car
Class: Gbs
Gauge (proto): 1435mm; 4' 8½"
Vehicles in set: 10
Road number(s): 8798-6 (same)
Railroad: Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR)
Region: Germany (Europe)
Epoch/Era: IV, V / Modern
Coloring: Authentic
Length (proto): 14.02m; 46' (over buffers)
Base (proto): 8.0m; 26' 3"
Wheelsets: 2
Couplers: Default

File:  DR_Gbs_brown.scpem
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Required extension: Model Trains Simulator - Power Edition
Model/set price: Free
Author: Milen Peev aka Mixy   
Released on: 01 Feb 2017
Views: 1479
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